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The methods used in our dogLOGIC Sydney dog training school are positive, fun for both you and your dog and reward-based… and no, reward-based training doesn’t mean that you’re bribing your dog to do what you ask or that you’ll need to use rewards forever, every time you train! Reward-based training is simply motivational, no harsh methods are needed.
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Our training is based on rewarding the desired behaviour and motivating your dog so that he will enjoy the training sessions. Also a motivated, stimulated dog is likely to be a happier dog who is eager to learn and who will enjoy training because it invigorates his mind. Training should never be frustrating or a chore – it should ALWAYS be fun for both you and your dog.

Reward-based training has been used with great success for many years when managing and training wild or exotic animals, but has only recently been applied to dog training. Now, many forward-thinking trainers are using these methods with great results.

And rewards are not always food. They can take many forms – your dog’s favourite toy, favourite food or even a game, and are simply a way to motivate your dog. Generally speaking, you wouldn’t go to work if you didn’t get paid, would you?

What we do

We can show you a variety of simple training methods that will have you achieving your training goals effectively and fast!

We can teach you behavioural Strategies through either a Private Consult or one of our Training Schools.

What is behavioural training?

Behavioural training teaches your dog how to act and behave in an appropriate manner within the family unit. Most of us simply want a dog who can be calm in the house, doesn’t destroy the garden and doesn’t jump up on visitors, particularly children or grandma!

Behavioural training can achieve this! By implementing some simple exercises and setting up structured guidelines and house rules for your dog to follow, that are both specific and consistent, you will be able to better manage him and so have the tools to develop him into a well-behaved and happy canine family member!

In-Home Private Consults

We visit you and your dog at your home at a time that suits you.  The session goes for an hour and is an intensive one-on-one session which we customise to suit your particular questions, your home situation and your dog’s behaviour.

At the Consult Session:

We ask LOTS of questions! We assess your dog, where he’s at, how he is, what he’s doing, and what you’d like him to be doing! As these 1 hour sessions are one-on-one we can be very specific and targeted, address the particular behaviours you’d like to resolve or understand, and show you ways of modifying them.

Adult Dog Classes

This course runs for 4 weeks.  It includes manners (sit, drop, attention) and how dogs learn, and then moves on to more advanced exercises such as stay, not jumping up, walking on a loose lead with distractions, coming when called with distractions, leave it, mat training, focus exercises, dealing with canine adolescence, maintaining control, leadership and so on.

Book now for our next Pet Dog Manners course. Classes run every 4-5 weeks – please contact Julie for information and registration.

Obedience Techniques and Training;  Do you want your dog to sit, drop, heel, come when called? We can show you how!


Our pricing is very competitive! We tailor a program to suit you, your dog, and your lifestyle, so call us and we can advise the appropriate cost for your requirement.

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