Puppy Training

A New Puppy?
One-on-one or group Puppy Pre-school

We offer a number of different options for you to consider including our group Puppy Pre-Schools and our comprehensive one-on-one Puppy Head Start Private Consult, which is a session that is customised to suit you and your puppy.

We provide you with all the information and practical training you’ll need to start your puppy off on the right track. Including toilet-training, mouthing, barking, jumping up, walking on a lead, appropriate socialising, coming when called etc.

Puppy training school SydneyBook now for next puppy class. Classes run every 4-5 weeks – please contact Julie for information and registration.

Do you have a Canine Teenager?

Has your dog gone from perfect puppy to nightmare dog?? Has he suddenly forgotten how to sit, has he begun to bounce and bark, is he rebelling at EVERYTHING, and as for coming when you call his name… what name!!

You may have a canine teenager on your hands!

Dogs go through adolescence the same as humans do – it’s a stage and they WILL grow out of it. But they can often push the boundaries and be difficult to live with during this stage. dogLOGIC can provide you with some simple but effective strategies to overcome these problem behaviours.

Don’t worry, your pup will eventually grow out of this frustrating stage – you just need the right tools, lashings of consistency and LOTS of patience!!

Or maybe you and your dog have been to Puppy Pre-School and would simply like to continue with a little more training. We can put together a training program that suits you, your dog and your training goals – whether that’s simple foundation exercises, canine manners or maybe trick training!

Book now for our next Pet Dog Manners course. Classes run every 4-5 weeks – please contact Julie for information and registration.


Our pricing is very competitive! We tailor a program to suit you, your dog, and your lifestyle, so call us and we can advise the appropriate cost for your requirement.

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