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Ryker – Border CollieRyker

Ryker is the newest member of the dogLOGIC family and he is fitting right in!  We have big plans for this little man as he journey’s along with the rest of us.  He has a free & adventurous spirit and endears himself to everyone he meets.  In the short time he has been with us, he has made a big impact and his future is looking enormously bright!

Tuscan – Australian ShepherdTuscan (1)

Tuscan is the liveliest member of the dogLOGIC family. He’s crazy, excitable, full of energy and full of laughs. He loves people of all shapes and sizes but unfortunately has no concept of personal space… his idea of sitting close to you is sitting ON YOU on the couch! He’s in his element when learning new things and has just started his agility career and absolutely LOVES it!!

Atlas – Australian ShepherdAtlas

Atlas has a great love of life. He loves nothing more than to gallop around the park with the wind in his hair, his mouth wide open in a huge grin and his tongue hanging out the side. Atlas enjoys competing in agility, has done some herding and lure coursing. He can be a hooligan, a clown, a serious competitor and a true gentleman all in one day. He is the perfect all rounder.

Bean – Chihuahua x Mini FoxieBean

Bean became part the dogLOGIC family by way of Trudi being a “failed foster”. She had been neglected for a number of years after her owner passed away and came to stay just for the June long weekend back in 2012 (till we found her a home) and well, the rest is history. She was in a pretty bad way upon arrival and spent the first month curled up in a little shaking ball in the corner of the couch, but with some intensive rehabilitation, love and a good feed up, she has come along brilliantly. She has learnt to play and loves nothing more than to tear around at full speed down in the park after all of the working dogs. She is sweet and kind natured and a special little soul that has won the hearts of all of us!

Tanner – Australian ShepherdTanner

This rambunctious fluffball excels at anything involving fast movement and jumping (and loves to use his rather high pitched voice!), so playing fetch and competing in agility are definitely his things! He is a great all-rounder and has tried his paw at herding, lure coursing and obedience and has become the dogLOGIC ‘human’ Liaison Officer who adores people of all sizes but particularly children. He can often be found in the local dog park displaying his signature full body wiggle as he greets his human friends.

Maverick – Shetland SheepdogMaverick

Maverick is either ‘off’ or ‘on’ – there is absolutely no in-between! When he is off, he is asleep but when he is on he is FULL-ON, running, jumping, barking his head off, chasing a ball, a stick, a leaf or a blade of grass – if fact chasing anything that can be thrown! He is famously known as ‘The Leaf Dog’ because of his antics with getting people to throw a leaf for him to chase! He is also a very serious agility competitor who loves to jump, weave and race through tunnels competing up and down the coast for his qualifying titles. Outside of competition, Mav also enjoys travelling around with me to different dog related events to be my amazing little demo-dog, there’s certainly not much that he can’t or won’t do.

Remy – Irish Red & White SetterRemy Tanner (1)

Remy is also trained to competition level obedience, but agility is his main love. His role with dogLOGIC is Manager, Tail Wagging & Public Relations. He always wears his signature smile and is known to many as ‘the Dogfather’ as he tends to lovingly look after and protect his canine friends. Remy can often be found modelling in Urban Animal magazine or socialising with friends at Café Bones in Leichhardt.

Kodi – PugPug

Kodi is a speed hump on the critical path and refuses to do anything unless it suits her or involves food. She will NEVER do anything that may get her nails dirty, involves other dogs or just simply cramps her style. She is happiest on the couch wearing her princess tiara and looking down her nose at any dog that wanders past her!

Jag – Staffordshire Bull TerrierJag

Jag is the Ambassador for dogLOGIC! Often referred to as ‘remote controlled’, Jag is trained to competition level obedience. After some time, she decided that it wasn’t for her, so tried her paw at agility. She was of course a super star. She’s definitely in the cool group and her popularity among both people and other dogs is tribute to her stardom!

Mouse Mouse – Russian Blue

CEO of dogLOGIC and ruler of all!

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